Talent Mapping.

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What is Talent Mapping?

At Thrivve, our Talent Mapping service helps businesses to identify candidates that meet all of the requirements of their open job vacancies, making it easier to plan for those hires.

Talent mapping goes beyond traditional recruitment methods, allowing you to discover candidates who are not actively looking for a new opportunity, as well as those who are.

We understand that internal talent acquisition teams or hiring managers may prefer to approach, engage, and manage potential candidates themselves. With Talent Mapping the research is done for them, leaving them to reach out to qualified and suitable candidates from the outset.

How does Talent Mapping work?

We work closely with you to understand every relevant aspect of your organisation – your vision, your successes, your challenges and most important, your culture – the ethos that characterises the way you work.

Only when we’ve developed a full picture of your company, do we start the Talent Mapping process, proactively seeking and finding the right candidates for the right roles in your business. Having conducted thorough research of the market, we give you a summary of the best candidates, outlining their relevant experience and background.

A vital and cost effective part of your hiring process.

Lower costs than recruitment agencies

Our pricing is based on the work we do, rather than a percentage of the salary package. In addition, with Talent Mapping there are no placement fees, allowing you to recruit multiple people from each talent map without any associated costs.

An effective and proactive approach

Our research uncovers the best talent, not just those actively seeking a new role. With a wide talent pool reviewed and the best candidates selected, you can confidently find the right people for your organisation.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the deliverables?

You will receive a comprehensive list of active and passive candidates with the following details –

Candidate name, online profile, current company, geography, biography, and full research into salary benchmarks.

Your Talent Map will give you a 360-degree picture of the candidate marketplace, providing transparency of the current talent pool.

Can I hire more than one person from each Talent Map?

Yes of course, each talent map is yours to use as you wish, hire multiple individuals from each talent map without any additional costs.

How do I reach out to the candidates?

We will advise you on the best and most effective strategies to reach out to prospective candidates to render the best results.

We can also perform a full targeted search if this is something you would prefer. Just ask us about our ‘Targeted Search’ service.

How many candidates will the Talent Map provide?

Your search criteria can be as ultra niche or as broad as you like. For specialist opportunities the results may render as little 20 exceptional and qualified candidates. For broader searches the results could be up to 100 candidates. We will work to your brief to make this the most effective and exhaustive search.  

How much does a Talent Map cost?

Our pricing is based on the work we do which is dependent on your brief, and the job position. Once you have briefed us we will be able to provide you with an accurate quotation.

It is a cost-effective solution when compared to recruitment fees that are based on a percentage of the annual salary. Plus, you can hire as many people as you like from each map.

How long does the process take?

This depends on the project itself, however, you will normally receive your first draft within 2-7 days. We will agree a deadline with you upon commencement.

Working with Thrivve to fill roles for our business has been a pleasure. They are always professional, always quick to respond, work to brief, and provide excellent candidates. The hires I have made through them have been excellent. I would recommend them for talent resourcing needs all around.

Jared Whitaker

CEO, Fluid


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