Executive Search.

Securing C-Suite and Board Level Executives

Securing leaders that will drive your business forward.

You’re looking to drive your business forward.
You know you need exceptional Executive Talent.
Where will you find this talent?
How will you even start?

Wherever you are in the world, Thrivve will work with you. We’ll apply our proven search strategies to find you the right people with the right cultural ethos – bringing you growth and success for your business.

The executive world has rarely been static. But today, it’s changing like never before. A successful leader will need to have developed highly-attuned emotional intelligence – they’ll need to understand, embrace and foster your corporate culture.

Here at Thrivve, we understand what drives business forward. We also understand the C-Suite mindset – what motivates executive talent to succeed – compensation levels, and business values. We’ve also built an impressive global network of connections. But more than anything, we have a profound understanding of the human qualities that characterise the very best Executive talent.

The Executive Search Process.

1. Define your Brief/Company Prospectus

First we listen. We explore with you your company mission, vision and goals. We identify your ambitions, your successes and your challenges. Next, we analyse. We work to articulate and document the executive opportunity within your organisation. We create a company prospectus which enables us to target and attract the candidates who match your goals and needs. Finally, we use our expertise to design a search strategy that will produce the best candidates and generate the best results.

2. Talent Mapping

Within 72 hours of starting the project, our research team will create and present to you a clear and concise candidate map. This map constitutes a list of candidates that accurately matches the opportunity. We’ll share this candidate map with you and await your feedback.

3. Select and Approach

We approach your targeted candidates with sensitivity. We act as your ambassador – bringing a relationship-building approach to the search process. Having established a connection, we interview each interested candidate before reporting back to you.

4. The Delivery

We present full bios and CVs of the short-listed candidates. You then decide which candidates you’re going to invite for interview.

5. Managing the Selection Process

We handle all the hassle and detail of the interview process. We coordinate interview times and communicate feedback. When you’re ready to make an offer, we take every step to ensure that both parties reach an agreement that’s clear and mutually beneficial. We also ensure that you’re prepared for potential counter offers.

6. Applying Science to the Selection Process

Depending on your requirements, we make full use of industry-leading psychometric testing to support you throughout the decision-making process.

Working in partnership.

We advise.

We apply our client’s strategic priorities along with our extensive knowledge of the tech market to advise on the best search strategies.

We share.

We report regularly. Our transparency allows clients to interact with the search at every stage. We encourage honest and candid feedback.

We collaborate.

Our search projects are a collaboration. We work as an extension to our client’s business, adapting seamlessly to their ethos.

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